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We support customers in the development, optimization, and management of the complete product cycle, starting from the development of product design to large-scale production, quality standards, and logistics.


Manufacturing relocation to China

B-L-D offering services for simple or sophisticated High-Tech manufacturing relocation solutions.

By adopting both, developed Chinese technologies and Westerns solutions/know-how for industrial production to dramatically reduce costs while successfully managing the risks associated with de-localized manufacturing.

We work in mitigating the risks associated with the technical, logistical cultural and legal complications that inevitably arise, causing businesses to stumble.


B-L-D industrial services Ningbo China


B-L-D Advisors goes the extra distance in supplier due diligence and market intelligence in order to develop optimal production/procurement strategies and supply channels for our valued clients.

From the search for your optimum manufacturer in China, to managing production, build up quality process and assurance deliver to your defined standards, B-L-D Advisors can expertly handle all your China Operations tasks.


1. Product analysis and production validation.
2. Scouting and materials selection then vendor qualification.
3. Price & Terms Negotiation across all vendors.
4. Pre-production samples created & sent to you for approval.
5. Tooling and mold building to insure that design meets quality, function, and cost-to-produce standards.
6. Factory visitation and qualification review to guarantee reliable, ethical vendors across entire supply chain.
7. An expert team of engineers and project managers to guide you through the entire outsource manufacturing process till the goods are delivered to your door.
8. Detailed quality inspection of goods before shipping out to ensure quality compliance.
9. Rock-solid protection of your intellectual property rights.
10. Competitive shipping rates by batching orders with other clients.
11. Smooth customs clearance and final delivery to your door/warehouse/storage facility.

Who we've worked and we are working with

Several customers and services cannot be published in compliance with non-disclosure agreements and protection of industrial confidentiality