Hidraulic automatic forging press Red Punch

Hidraulic automatic forging press Red Punch

The Automatic Red Punch Forging Press.

Welcome to Guangdong, we are located in the beautiful Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area in Zhaoqing City. We are a machinery and equipment manufacturing company specializing in the development of automation, intelligence, environmental protection, high efficiency, and energy-saving solutions for forging and forming processes. Our company’s automatic multidirectional hydraulic press for molding has obtained a series of patents and has been well received by a majority of users. We primarily serve industries such as sanitary, plumbing, refrigeration, gas valves, fire protection, and high and low-pressure copper valves, providing quality services.

Currently, our company specializes in the manufacturing and sale of automatic multidirectional hydraulic forging presses. We also offer customized hydraulic equipment based on special requirements and specifications from our customers. With a highly skilled and professional team in mechanical design, industrial control expertise, equipment monitoring, process analysis, and high-quality services, we continuously absorb talent and introduce advanced foreign technologies, striving for innovation, integration, and constant upgrading. Our company adheres to the path of high-quality branding, excellent service, and a strong reputation.


Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the business philosophy of “integrity and pragmatism, pioneering and innovative, and sustainable development.” We wholeheartedly provide each customer with the best quality products and the most perfect service, emphasizing an equal focus on service and quality. Let’s co-create and share the value brought by technology.

Presenting the RED PUNCH Hydraulic Press Series for Hot Stamping of Brass and Aluminum Parts.






The RED PUNCH presses are automatic forging presses that integrate bar stock loading, preheating in an electric or gas furnace, and automatic loading and unloading of finished parts without burrs into the process. These automatic molding equipment are managed by a highly integrated CNC system specially designed for the flexible production of copper products in various shapes.

The entire system includes an automatic loading facility, a medium-frequency heating furnace, an automatic temperature detection station for the bar stock, and hydraulic molding and forming equipment.


Furthermore, the equipment is equipped with a device that automatically conveys the stock material to the molding equipment and an automatic extraction device to achieve a high level of automation for the entire production process.


Through the stamping process, a flash-free forged component is obtained, reducing the amount of material used in the stock. This leads to significant cost savings. The equipment boasts high efficiency, energy-saving capabilities, environmental protection, and exceptional quality.


This set of equipment, controlled by CNC, features four independent hydraulic punching or drilling operations. Depending on the demand or requirements, the punching speed can be adjusted timely during the production process, allowing the plastic material inside the mold to move and deform according to the desired project characteristics. This enables the production of forged parts with the maximum number of cavities possible, capable of creating a variety of hollow and complex shapes such as tees, elbows, and more. One, two, three, or four punches or drills can be selected based on the production and requirements of different products. Simultaneously, it is equipped with a 20-head adjustable lubrication system

suitable for various molds. The design concept of this machine is economical, environmentally friendly, compact, and produces minimal pollution during the production process, with noise levels below 85 decibels.

Automatic Feeding, Heating Furnace.



Automatic Bar Stock Feeding System

Dependent on the diameter size of the copper bar (from 14 to 35 mm).

Copper bar length: 80-120.

Automatic detection of the last copper bar. Independent medium-frequency heating device.

Stand-alone temperature control system. Before material extraction, an optical pyrometer detects the temperature and automatically rejects unqualified copper bars.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic power system includes a 55 kW motor and 2 variable displacement oil pumps. It utilizes a dedicated proportional solenoid manifold.


Water Circulation Cooling System

1200-liter hydraulic tank.

Dedicated proportional solenoid manifold.


Hydraulic Cylinder

4 hydraulically controlled proportional valves with acceleration. Automatic control of flow and pressure. Independent control of each core extraction with a precision of 1/100th of a second. 4 hydraulic cylinders to control the entry and exit speeds, ensuring precise movements of the 4 punches.


Hydraulic Locking System

The system includes pressure control for relatively fast mold closure and additional locking pressure control after the upper and lower molds are closed to ensure a tight mold fit. The closing system is hydraulically driven by a butterfly valve. The height is automatically adjusted when the upper mold rises and descends. A special cylinder for removing the finished product is located above the upper mold.


Mold Support System

  • Standard ZG250/4G60 mold.
  • Mold size: 205mmx205mmx60mm.
  • The upper and lower mold support systems can be quickly and easily replaced.
  • The mold system consists of 16-point graphite injection systems, each of which can be independently controlled and can be selected from the following lubrication methods:

– Air-free/Graphite-free

– Air/Graphite-free

– Air and Graphite


Automatic Mold Lubrication Device

Adjustable lubricant dosage.

Spray duration can be adjusted.

The molded part remains in the upper mold and then falls into the finished product extractor, delivered directly to the finished product output. The machine is equipped with a special weight sensor during finished product extraction.


Electronic Control System

The electronic control system consists of a 12-inch touchscreen for programming, monitoring, and control. The integrated system is comprehensive, and the touchscreen is located at the front of the device. Machine power supply: 380V + N ground. Integrated Siemens or Mitsubishi industrial operating system. Language: Chinese/English.


Punch Displacement System

The punch displacement control system is used to read information about the punch’s distance and displacement. The system provides the final position of the punch after each stamping. It can be used to confirm that the punch has completed the stamping based on the preset position. If the final position of the punch is outside the preset tolerance range, the system issues an alarm. The system can be used to adjust the initial position of the punch. It provides a graphical representation of time versus distance. The device requires 3 parts, each for reading data from the three punches.


Graphite Jetting System

Mold Lubrication System

The system is used for graphite oil spraying. Suitable for mold lubrication and cooling. Adjustable dispenser.


Electric Heating Graphite Oil Pressure Drum


Loading and Unloading Operation Control


Locking, weighing, and cutting manipulator

Precision control using Siemens (or ABB) absolute servomotors. Selected Taiwan Shangyin brand linear guide, precision ball screw. Dedicated weight sensor.


Mold Replacement


Mold and punch replacement system: When it is necessary to replace the product mold, the mold can be preheated to about 300°C in the oven, and the system debugs the mold and then installs it directly in the equipment, significantly saving mold replacement time. The figure below shows the lower mold and the upper mold support system, including the 20-point graphite oil injection system. Among them: 4 punching clamps. 4 drilling adapters.


Mold Cooling System


Mold cooling system

The special industrial chiller maintains the mold temperature at approximately 250-300°C. Simple operation,


Mold cooling system:

The special industrial chiller maintains the mold temperature at approximately 250-300°C. Simple operation, precise temperature control, and stable performance ensure efficient and reliable cooling of the molds during the stamping process.


Safety Features


The hydraulic press series RED PUNCH is equipped with various safety features to ensure operator safety and prevent accidents. Some of the safety features include:


  1. Emergency Stop Button: A prominent emergency stop button is located on the control panel to immediately halt all machine operations in case of an emergency.


  1. Safety Guards: The machine is enclosed with safety guards to prevent access to moving parts during operation. These guards are equipped with interlock switches that disable the machine when opened.


  1. Light Curtains: Light curtains are installed around the working area of the machine to detect any intrusion and immediately stop the machine to prevent accidents.


  1. Overload Protection: The hydraulic system is equipped with overload protection mechanisms to prevent excessive force and protect the machine from damage.


  1. Pressure Relief Valves: Pressure relief valves are installed in the hydraulic system to prevent overpressure situations, ensuring the system operates within safe limits.


  1. Automatic Fault Detection: The electronic control system is capable of detecting and displaying any faults or abnormalities in the machine operation, allowing operators to take necessary actions promptly.


  1. Safety Interlocks: Various safety interlocks are incorporated into the machine to ensure that certain conditions are met before specific operations can be performed, reducing the risk of accidents caused by incorrect machine setup or operation.




The hydraulic press series RED PUNCH offers advanced features and capabilities for precision stamping operations. Its hydraulic system, mold support system, automatic lubrication device, electronic control system, and safety features contribute to efficient and safe operation. Whether used in small-scale or industrial production environments, the RED PUNCH hydraulic press provides reliable performance and high-quality results in metal stamping applications.


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