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daniele prandelli


The prophecy, or rather, the realization of a reality that would and has grown exponentially.

“Before,” Eco said, “they spoke only at the bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community. They were immediately silenced, but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It’s the invasion of the imbeciles.”

And so it happens that absolute theories or hypotheses or fantasies, however wacky and without any factual support in a short time can take over and spread easily.

Does “absolute” freedom of speech still make sense? Is it true democracy that place where the word of the highest scientific, technological or philosophical authority is questioned by anyone who believes they can do it?

It is known the actions that interest groups, of different color or thought, are now daily spread on social media. Once launched and published a news then if fed in the first steps, it behaves like the snowstorm, the that rolls and turns into an avalanche that does damage.

Why is it that in countries where there is a presence of control and verification (even censorship) there are no fables of cows flying and 100kg hens, if not even theories of terraptarianism and similar phenomena?

How far does the right to freedom of speech and thought extend? Can the will to circulate deviant concepts be used for targeted purposes? yes, of course.

Is it good for modern society to have chaos of this magnitude?

Dude says the epidemic doesn’t exist, caio says the virus comes from aliens, another says the government is illegitimate, and those who have more.

Twitter has started banning misleading and untrue news, it would be the case that the phenomenon of moderation widens

I think it’s healthy for the development of a community that shares minimal common values. They are often in trouble with imaginative statements which are even pointless to counter. I also believe that the fact that few or no counteracts suggests to the authors that their crazy idea is solid…

But if you like absolute freedom, even that of spreading the terrapiattism, and long live freedom, even mine, you will want to say that I will look for a more orderly world elsewhere.

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