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TS- Thermo Scanners


Intelligent scanning systems for detecting body temperature at the entrances of companies, offices, shops and public places

The PAD Features:

-Non-contact human body temperature automatic detection, face brushing, and high-precision infrared human body temperature acquisition, fast and efficient.

-Temperature measurement range 28-45 (°C)) accuracy ± 0.3 (°C)

-Rk3288 Android motherboard, 4-core A17 high performance, 1.8GHz main frequency memory 2G,
storage 8g; Android 7.1 system

-Omron / Seiko medical temperature measurement module, Baidu AI face recognition algorithm, mask recognition + abnormal temperature voice broadcast; LAN client management platform, multi-machine unified platform networking management, attendance record export query

-Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking

-Automatically upload recorded information, avoid a manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce information loss
Support medium range temperature measurement and high-temperature real-time alarm.

-Support binocular real-time detection

-Unique face recognition algorithm, accurate face recognition, recognition time less than 500 ms

-Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical dynamic width ≥ 80 dB

-Application scenario: schools, airports, companies and other places with a large flow of people -Support Chinese, English, Italian, and other multilingual systems

-Android operating system to improve system stability

-Support SDK and HTTP protocol on Windows / Linux and other platforms

-8-inch IPS HD display

-Time to failure > 50000 H

-Support 400 face comparison databases and 20000 face recognition records

-It supports stranger passing, three-dimensional noise reduction, strong light suppression, electronic image stability, and has a variety of white balance modes, which are applicable to various fields

-Support electronic voice broadcasting (normal temperature or super high alarm, face recognition verification results)

-Support background record query, export function, etc

-Tail root x1, 12V power interface x1, restart key x1232 serial port x2

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