B-L-D Operations and Consulting in China

MIC- Med I Care

Health & Well being

“To focusing our competitiveness to meet the rapidly changing challenges of health-care market thus to serve customers with the specific, urgent and hard challenged needs.”

Our Supply

Italy distribution: TRIPLET Srl 00183 Roma, Via Caulonia 22 info @triplet.it

Our Additional services

Our procedure of quality assurance: Pre-production, eventually adopt more inspection and report points. During production inspection, to verify the stability of the process and effectiveness of corrective actions. Final random or 100% inspection to grant the required level of quality.
We do certification audit, the certification auditor check whether all the main elements of the management system are in place – all the documentation, all the required records, all the processes, etc. We also check whether the main processes are working as they are described in the documentation.
Customers come to us with a product design, or simply an idea for a new project. We review the design and analize possible improvements to reach the client’s objectives within Made in china environment, but there is a point where physical prototype need to be made. We source the materials and drawings together and rquickly produce the prototype and reache as soon as possible the production phases.

sustainable health

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable world.

Who we've worked and we are working with

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